MIHI 25th Anniversary

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Welcome to MIHI, Inc.

MIHI’s mission is to To provide assistance to individuals with disabilities and senior citizens to enhance their quality of life by developing and supporting projects and educational programs that will eliminate physical and physicological barriers in our community with an emphasis on making recreational activities of all types accessible to all citizens regardless of their circumstance.

In recent years, MIHI has been strongly advocating to encourage developers and architects to increase the housing stock of homes that are universally designed to accommodate the needs of the disabled and aging population.

In addition to conducting continuing education classes at Hagerstown Community College for Realtors on the "value added" advantage of constructing homes utilizing the universal design concept, MIHI has joined forces with Hagerstown's St. John's Episcopal Church and constructed a totally accessible Habitat for Humanity home on Liberty Street in Hagerstown.





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